Was this the year to get in shape? It’s not too late; let’s start @ the core

Remember that resolution you made at the beginning of the year? This year you were going to get in shape so you would have the best ski season ever plus then you could also enjoy all your off season activities too? Well, it’s never too late to get started. A great place to begin in with your core. Strong stable core is critical to skiing but come s in pretty handy for life in general. These four exercises are ones you can do every day:

1) heels to heaven x 20
2) mountain climber x 20
3) Russian twist x 20
4) abdominal crunch plus x 20

As it gets easier to do 20 add reps to the exercise until you feel the abdominals working THEN move on to the next exercise.
Remember: do these every day!


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Cynthia Lazzara

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#shorts ; quick ski workout video

#shorts ; quick ski workout video

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