Your videos have transformed my season!

Shelby Barrow

I’ve watched a ton of videos on carving but none have shown what the foot/ankles are actually doing inside the boot....The other videos are good as well but your demo and description makes it easy to grasp. Carving is a blast once you get it down


Your videos are amazing. I’ve skied my entire life and unfortunately could not afford lessons when I was younger. As a result of that I made progress slowly and instinctively and always wondered about my fundamentals. Your videos focus on areas I have always wondered about in a way other trainers miss. Viewers of your videos who are beginners or even intermediate skiers are really lucky to have this depth of training.


No nonsense video!! I like how you take the time to explain the link between skiing and the exercises themselves.


This is the best explanation (and practice drill) I have found online of this incredibly important move. Thank you!

David Skok

Great stuff. Perfectly done. Intelligent, not boring.....In a word these are terrific. I think a lot of video instructors miss the physics of the hip rotation and well, spend more time showing you how lovely their turns are but not giving an insight or drill that’s ACTUALLY going to improve your turns. I feel like saying, ‘I know YOU look fabulous on the slopes. I can see Warren Miller films all day but it won’t help me make a better turn.’ You seem to have observed the numerous ways we don’t make pretty turns and why. Great Stuff

Dunca Macintire

Such wonderful tips-took a lesson today! The coach asked us to do this, but never explained the fine details about knee/joint movements. This is a $200 tip

Next Spring99

I just started learning skiing 4 months ago. I love your tips and videos. Every other instruction videos are so serious and make it a big deal. I like your low key style

Scarface 548