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Are you feeling stuck at the same ski level? Do you wish you could ski every run on the mountain? Have you had to skip more challenging runs with friends or gotten half way down and wondered "is there another way down?". Are you struggling to find ski workouts for ordinary mortals... not full time Olympic level athletes?

Most skiers have struggled with these problems. No matter what level skier you are, you can improve your skiing and have even more fun on and off the slopes. The Ski PT is here to help you achieve your goals


As a PSIA certified Ski Instructor I understand how you ski and what you need to do to ski well.


As a licensed Physical Therapist I know how your body works and moves PLUS I know what it takes for you to avoid injuries

Using all that knowledge, I've created a pre-season workout program that will jump start your ski season

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Here’s what your fellow skiers had to say about Ski PT:

Your videos are amazing.

I’ve skied my entire life and unfortunately could not afford lessons when I was younger. As a result of that I made progress slowly and instinctively and always wondered about my fundamentals. Your videos focus on areas I have always wondered about in a way other trainers miss. Viewers of your videos ... are really lucky to have this depth of training.

by VC

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