Welcome to the first of many Chairlift Chats.  This is the editorial blog for   SkiPT ♦.  I will be using this as a space to share information on skiing, exercise, and techniques; with the occasional odd rant thrown in to keep folks interested.


Today’s blog will focus on the question “why exercise?”  So many folks believe that their sport should be enough to to keep them in shape; they don’t consider getting in shape to participate in their sport.  The former may work out well when you’re seven and your job is to play, jump and twirl….but what’s the job of the average adult?  Sitting at a desk for 5-6 hours a day, occasionally getting up to grab a snack or soda, maybe strolling down the hall to get lunch.  Hum, not very active.  Then the weekend rolls around, you hop in the car to drive 3-5 hours and go skiing.  Surprise! Your body isn’t ready for skiing.

Off season exercise prepares your body. It allows you to enjoy your days on the slopes.  Over the next few Chairlift Chats I’ll share a few great, and simple, exercises you can do at your home.  Or you can join me, and other fellow skiers, this October and November for my free pop-up classes.  Head over to the Free Pop-up Classes page and sign up to get on the e mail list.  Let’s make those first few days on the slopes something you enjoy rather than get through.

Happy Trails,

Cynthia Lazzara MSPT

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